Email Marketing

Build lasting relationships with your customers with professional email campaigns.

Sending beautiful emails with content relevant to your customers gets results. Pixel Magic have been designing email campaigns for over ten years.

We have the experience to know what works and can provide valuable insights into what can work for your business.

Share helpful advice.

Customers appreciate helpful and relevant advice - especially when it is offered freely. Regular offerings of information means your business could quickly become the 'go-to' source for professional services.

Look smart. Be your best.

Professionally branded and designed emails promote your company’s brand in the best possible light.

Build trust.

Building an email marketing list means you have a ready audience who trust your email messaging techniques (your emails aren’t sitting in their spam folder) and are open to considering new offerings from your business.

Customised templates
Create great looking emails using a custom template designed for your business. A consistent and professional look and feel will enhance your brand.
Your email campaigns can include the recipient's name, business name and any other details unique to them.
We can set up a form on your website for people to subscribe to receive your emails. Details are automatically added to your email marketing list.
Send campaigns at the click of a button, or schedule them to be sent at a later date.
Create email campaigns, send and track them yourself - or we can provide a writing, sending and reporting service.
We can add an automatically updated archive of your campaigns to your website.
Getting past spam filters
Records are added to your domain to optimise the deliverability of your emails.
Get started with Pixel Magic + email marketing
With our design and technical expertise combined with powerful yet easy-to-use tools, it's never been easier for you to get involved in email marketing.